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  • Thursday, March 24, 2022

What's New in IU REDCap 12.0 Webinar

REDCap will be upgraded on March 27th. Attend this information webinar to find out about some of the features and improvements.

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  • Date & time
    Thursday, March 24, 2022
  • Location
    Online - Zoom

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About this event


IU REDCap will be upgraded on Sunday, March 27th. Expect downtime from 9am - Noon (EST) while the upgrade is completed.

Review a list of the new features and improvements via sharepoint

Highlights of the upgrade include:

Multi-Language Management
Users can create and configure multiple display languages for surveys, data entry forms, alerts, survey invitations, etc. This eliminates the need to create multiple instruments or projects to handle multiple languages. NOTE: The Multi-Language Management feature will not auto-translate text, but provides tools so that users may easily translate their project into different languages.

Form Display Logic
Users can utilize this advanced feature to create conditional logic to disable specific data entry forms that are displayed on the Record Status Dashboard, Record Home Page, or the form list on the left-hand menu. Form Display Logic allows for branching logic at the instrument level.

Protected email mode
Users can enable the Protected Email Mode on any project on the Project Setup via the Additional Customization dialog. This setting prevents identifying data (PHI/PII) from being sent in outgoing emails for alerts, survey invitations, and survey confirmation emails.

New action tag: @IF
Allows various action tags to be set based on conditional logic provided inside an @IF() function - e.g., @IF(CONDITION, ACTION TAGS if the condition is TRUE, ACTION TAGS if the condition is FALSE). Note: The conditional logic will be evaluated only when the survey page or data entry form initially loads; thus the action tag conditions will not be evaluated in real-time as data is entered on the page..

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