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  • Tuesday, May 11, 2021

SC4ES: National Center for Genome Analysis Support Genomics Research webinar series

Featuring Jean-Francois Gout, Mississippi State University, this monthly scientific series highlights the research of scientists who use computational resources provided by NCGAS.

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  • Date & time
    Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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    Online - Zoom

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About this event


The National Center for Genome Analysis Support (Links to an external site.) (NCGAS) helps researchers nationwide with the demanding—and often confusing— computations that genomics research requires. In this monthly series, scientists present their genomics research in pursuit of answers to some of the most confounding biological questions.

"NCGAS serves hundreds of researchers who apply genomics to their research, and we wanted to find out what their individual research projects entail. We hope to learn how they are using genomics in their studies, as an inspiration to other researchers." - Tom Doak, Chief Scientist, National Center for Genome Analysis Support

Talks will take place the second Tuesday of each month, 2-3pm EST.

Title of presentation: 
A Genome-Wide View of Transcription Fidelity.

Jean-Francois Gout (Links to external site.), assistant professor at Mississippi State University Department of Biological Sciences. Jean-Francois completed a Computer Science degree at Paris 5 and a masters in bioinformatics at Paris 7. Their PhD is from University Lyon was advised by Laurent Duret and included Genomics of Paramecium/ whole-genome duplications. A post-doc was obtained at Indiana University and ASU in the Lynch lab.

Replication, transcription, and translation are the most fundamental molecular processes shared across the tree of life. While DNA mutation rates have been characterized for dozens of species, the rate at which RNA ploymerases make errors during transcription is still poorly characterized. Here, Jean-Francois will present the latest developments in the methods used to detect transcription errors and their applications to study the selective pressures operating on transcription fidelity.

The series (and archive):

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The Supercomputing for Everyone Series (S4ES) of workshops and seminars are led by personnel from Research Technologies (Links to external site.), a division of University Information Technology Services (Links to external site.). This series is led by the National Center for Genome Analysis Support (Links to external site.). Both are centers in the Pervasive Technology Institute (Links to external site.) at Indiana University.

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