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  • Wednesday, March 7, 2018

IUPTI Seminar: Prepared for Environmental Change: the Challenge and the Data

David Polly, Associate Director of a successful IU Grand Challenge initiative will present.

Event details

  • Date & time
    Wednesday, March 7, 2018
  • Location
    Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) and ICTC
    CIB MPA and ICTC IT203
    Bloomington (IUB) and Indianapolis (IUPUI)

About this event

Presented by P. David Polly, Shrock Professor of Sedimentary Geology, Department of Earch and Atmospheric Sciences, Adjunct Professor, Biology and Anthropology, Indiana University

Abstract: The Prepared for Environmental Change is a multidisciplinary initiative that seeks to develop solutions for one of humanities grandest challenges: the combined threats of climatic and environmental change.  Our program synthesizes basic research in natural and social sciences to better understand the processes of change, the interconnections between society and the natural world, and how to evaluate trade-offs.  Our communication initiative seeks to understand how people view the natural world with respect to themselves and why they hold the values they do in order to develop better strategies for conveying solutions to the state of Indiana.

Several areas of activity involve intense computation and the use of big data.  Our Dynamic Earth Systems cluster will enhance IU's capacity in climate modeling, vegetation modeling, hydrological and surface process modeling, and species distribution modeling.  The researchers in these teams will use Karst, BigRedII, and BigRedII+ forecast change in physical and natural systems in the midwest by the end of the century.  Our Migration Ecology cluster will be using new technology to track large scale movements of birds and other migratory animals, generating large spatial datasets that will be used to understand how these species interact with environments along their migratory pathways.  And other clusters will be generating spatial data on the built environment and societal values.

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