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  • Wednesday, February 7, 2018

IUPTI Seminar: Writing effective grant proposals to fund CI projects (build it right and they WILL come)

Strategies and tactics that have proven effective over many years and millions of dollars of grant awards.

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  • Date & time
    Wednesday, February 7, 2018
  • Location
    Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) and ICTC
    CIB MPA and ICTC IT203
    Bloomington (IUB) and Indianapolis (IUPUI)

About this event

New date - moved from January to February!

Presented by Craig Stewart and Therese Miller.

Abstract:There is a great quote from James Bryant Conant about the research enterprise in a letter to the editor of the NY Times in 1945:  “There is only one proved method of getting results in applied science – picking men of genius, backing them heavily, and keeping their aim on the target chosen.”

Conant calls applied science what one might refer to as programmatic research and development – research and development driven by a pre-determined program toward a predetermined outcome. This is often infrastructure, tool, or service building – where there is a specific goal to be achieved, and some research and development is needed but the emphasis is on development and implementation, not discovery research.
Many solicitations for cyberinfrastructure grant proposals put out by the NSF and other federal funding agencies are in the category of “build a thing or a service.” And such solicitations often come with myriad additional specifications and review criteria (ranging from asking for fantasies about transformative impact to asking for benchmark results from running code).
In this talk, the presenters will lay out strategies and tactics that have proven effective over many years and millions of dollars of grant awards.  They’ll also talk about how to effectively work with the Collaboration and Engagement Support Group in UITS Research Technologies to get the very best proposal possible submitted on time and without all-nighters.

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