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  • Wednesday, April 5, 2017

IUPTI Seminar: The Role of HPC in Combustion Research at Cummins

John Deur, director of combustion research addresses the IU community.

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  • Date & time
    Wednesday, April 5, 2017
  • Location
    Innovation Center (IC) and ICTC
    IC105 and ICTC IT303
    Bloomington (IUB) and Indianapolis (IUPUI)

About this event

John Deur, Cummins, Inc's Director of Combustion Researc will present.

Join us:

In response to ever tightening environmental regulations over the past 30 years, emissions of NOx, soot, and other pollutants from Diesel engines have been reduced by 99%. Over that same period, rising fuel costs have also driven Diesel engine and truck manufacturers to significantly increase fuel efficiency as well. Future Diesel engines will continue both of these trends.
Cummins, the largest independent producer of Diesel engines in the world, has been at the forefront of these gains. To achieve them, the company has made extensive use of computational fluid dynamics to develop improved combustion system designs as part of what it calls an analysis led design (ALD) methodology. High performance computing has made this approach possible
As current requirements in these areas are already at the limits of modern ALD tools, the descriptions of combustion chemistry, sprays, turbulence, and the interactions between them will all require significant improvement in the future. These improvements will require even more advanced computational resources and technologies to meet ever more demanding engine development cycles.
This presentation will describe the past, present, and future of Cummins' combustion system ALD process with examples of past successes, present challenges, and future developments being pursued. The growth in Cummins' HPC infrastructure to meet its growing computational needs will also be discussed.
Dr. Deur has over 30 years of combustion engineering experience in both R&D and program environments for a wide range of applications including solid rockets, gas turbines, pulse detonation engines (PDE), ramjets, internal combustion (IC) engines, and industrial processes. This includes over 25 years of experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), including both code development and application. In these fields, he has authored, co-authored, and/or presented over fifty technical papers. Dr. Deur has also developed and taught continuing education courses in solid rocket combustion instability and IC engine combustion analysis, as well as created and conducted training courses for commercial CFD and grid generation software. For the past eight years, he has been the Director of Combustion Research for Cummins, Inc., the largest independent manufacturer of Diesel engines in the world.

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