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  • Wednesday, March 1, 2017

IUPTI Seminar: Software assurance at IU: A journey into the SWAMP

Join us for a presentation by Rob Quick from UITS Research Technologies.

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Rob Quick, UITS Research Technologies' Manager of High Throughput Computing will present.  UITS Research Technologies is a Center affiliated with the IU Pervasive Technology Institute.

Join us:

The Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) is an open source service that provides access to an array of software analysis tools. The SWAMP also includes a (growing) library of open-source applications with known vulnerabilities to help tool developers improve the effectiveness of their static and dynamic analysis tools. One of the main goals of the SWAMP is to provide an open marketplace of software packages and analysis tools, with the ability to control how packages, tools, and expertise are shared with the entire software community. With the computing capacity required to support continuous assurance, the SWAMP provides the automation to continuously run multiple analysis tools against software packages. Results are viewable in an integrated results viewer that offers the developer the capability to view weakness reports with integrated CWE (common weakness enumeration) data from multiple tools.

SWAMP has recently evolved from a University of Wisconsin hosted service to an open source installation (SWAMP-in-a-box), we are now running a test instance and welcome developers to either begin or improve their current Continuous Software Assurance assessment.

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