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UITS Monitor: Phishing scam offers part-time work as trick to get your data

Special edition of the Monitor for July 6, 2022

Example of recent phishing email
Example phishing scam email, with the subject PART TIME / FULL TIME JOB OFFER. Click to view a larger image.


Phishing scam offers part-time work as trick to get your data

A phishing scam is targeting students, faculty, and staff claiming to offer part-time work or internship opportunities. The University Information Security Office says the intent of the scammer is to trick you into divulging your IU login credentials or providing a monetary payment. These recent messages may originate from legitimate email addresses. Please be on the alert for these emails and do not respond to them.

Here are a few clues that the email is a phish:

  • The email is unsolicited
  • It asks for your personal information such as street address, date of birth, or mobile number
  • It asks you to provide your IU password or Duo passcodes
  • You are asked to go to a link that leads to a non-IU website that asks for your personal information
  • Its grammar and sentence structure are poor

What to do:


  • Do not respond to unsolicited emails from unverifiable sources
  • If you’re unsure of an email’s legitimacy, verify it through other means, e.g., by contacting the IU help desk
  • IU will never ask you for your password or Duo passcodes in email or in text messages