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UITS Monitor: Umail changes are coming--get ready now

Students: Umail is getting an upgrade! Read on for important details.

Students: Umail is getting an upgrade! Read on for important details.

This March, IU student Umail accounts will upgrade to Google at IU.

How will I access my email?

After the upgrade, you will access your student mail (Gmail at IU) at Follow the CAS prompt to enter your IU username and passphrase. You can also log in from a mobile device or at with, and then follow the CAS prompt to enter your IU username and passphrase. A One.IU task will be available as well.

What will happen to my email?

Current students: During the migration, any email sent to your address will deliver to both your Umail and Google at IU Gmail accounts. After the migration, any email sent to your address will deliver to your Google at IU Gmail account. There will be no disruption to your email delivery.

All students already have a email address and a campus-specific email address (e.g.,; Those email addresses aren't changing, but the place you check your email is changing.

Google at IU Gmail will be available beginning on March 11, 2018, but you should log in there now to accept the new Terms of Service. Your existing email messages cannot be moved if you haven't completed this action.

Former students: At this time, no changes will be made to your IU email account. Email sent to will continue to deliver to your Umail account as usual during and after the migration. There will be no disruption to your email delivery and your email address will not change.

Why is the upgrade important?

The old Google environment powering Umail is no longer being updated. This change will allow you to log in with the same IU username and passphrase you use for other IU services. This means:

  • One less password to remember
  • Improved security
  • Single Google account for all Google at IU services
  • Additional Google Apps: Maps, Books, News, YouTube, Photos, and more

What actions do I need to take?

  • Agree to the Google at IU Terms of Service by March 11. This allows UITS to move your existing email messages during the upgrade. If you've not already done so, sign into with your IU username and passphrase. Follow the prompt to accept the Terms of Service.
  • Back up your data. You'll need to take action to save contacts, calendar items, or any Google Drive files.
  • Update external accounts. Did you provide your Umail address to sign up for services like Twitter or Instagram? We recommend that you update those services with or your campus email address.

What happens during the mail transfer?

Beginning March 11: UITS will transfer existing email from Umail to Google at IU Gmail. You will receive an email notification when your upgrade begins and when the upgrade has been completed. For the most current information during the transfer, check

Access your email during the transfer: When your email migration begins, you will be unable to access Umail on your mobile device or desktop client until it is complete. During this time, access your email using one of the following methods instead:

Receive mail during the transfer: Any email sent to your IU email address during the mail transfer will be available in Gmail at IU. If you typically receive email at a campus address (,,, etc.), you will continue to receive your email without additional action.

Important: If you typically send and receive email at, UITS strongly recommends that you begin using your campus email address instead. For help finding your campus email address and for additional instructions, see Change your primary email address and set delivery for your email addresses.

How can I get help?

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

Where can I learn more about the upgrade?

Find all the information you need about the Umail upgrade at or see About the Umail upgrade in the Knowledge Base.