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IU replaces Mason supercomputer with Carbonate

Mason, Indiana University's large memory computer cluster, was retired on January 1, 2018.

Carbonate ( is Mason's replacement and is currently available to IU graduate students, faculty and staff. To request an account on Carbonate follow the instructions in this KB article,

Carbonate consists of 72 compute (256 GB) nodes and eight large memory compute nodes (512 GB); each node is a Lenovo NeXtScale nx360 M5 server, containing dual Intel Xeon 2680 v3 processors, 10Gb Ethernet adapters, and ~1TB of local solid-state scratch. Carbonate fully supports high-performance, data-intensive computing and provides an eight-fold increase in processing capability over Mason. For more details on Carbonate's system configuration see

Carbonate nodes run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. The system uses the Torque resource manager integrated with Moab Workload Manager to coordinate resource management and job scheduling. Customization of the user shell environment, is done via the Modules environment package.

For more, see Carbonate at Indiana University, and Getting Started on Carbonate,