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Viewing the universe (and more!) with ImageX

The Scalable Compute Archive group in UITS Research Technologies – Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, has expanded the Image Explorer (ImageX) for more general-purpose scientific use.

Increasingly, web-based tools and portals are being utilized by scientists and researchers to make new discoveries. The Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute UITS Research Technologies' Scalable Compute Archive group, has been creating such portals for some time. In particular, they developed Image Explorer (ImageX) for astronomical image analysis.

Stacks of various objects

In a more recent instantiation, ImageX has been developed for more general-purpose scientific use and can be applied to any scientific image data format convertible to standard formats – thus enabling rapid interactive image visualization for large datasets (of stars down to molecular structures) on a web browser.

AndromedaAndromeda - closer up

Andromeda - zoomed in