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Get a backup device for Two-Step Login (Duo)--just do it

Trust us, you’ll be glad you did if your primary device goes rogue.

By now, you have probably enrolled in Duo on at least one device. But what happens if that device is lost, left at home, or runs out of battery power? For these or any other unforeseen circumstances, it’s a good idea to have a backup device. 

The list of recommended devices includes: 

  • Smartphone
  • Non-smart mobile phone
  • Tablet
  • Single-button hardware token (SBHT)
  • U2F key
  • Landline
  • Google Voice

After choosing a backup device, follow these instructions or watch a short video to learn how to enroll it in Duo.

Find out more about Two-Step Login (Duo) >>

Streaming and mobile TV for campus housing

With over 100 complimentary channels, there’s no place like dorm sweet dorm.

Want to binge Game of Thrones or watch your favorite team from the comfort of home? At IU Bloomington and IUPUI, students in campus housing have access to over 120 channels of content from XFINITY On Campus™. Via computer, mobile device, or TV, everything from broadcast channels to sports and entertainment networks, including HBO, is available through Internet streaming or mobile apps. Just connect to IU Secure, grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy. 

Learn how to set up your electronic device here >>

Supercomputing at IU is for everyone

IT Training workshops take the fear out of high performance computing.

If the idea of logging in to a supercomputer for the first time is daunting, the Supercomputing for Everyone Series offered by UITS Research Technologies may be just what you’re looking for. The workshops start in mid-September and cover topics including:

  • Faster Work, Safer Storage: an introduction to high performance computing at IU
  • Introductory Parallel Programming for Supercomputers: an introduction to using threads and message passing to harness multiple processors to accomplish a single task
  • Intermediate Parallel Programming for Supercomputers: learn three primary methods of parallelization as well as synchronous and asynchronous parallel algorithms

Workshops are offered at the IU Bloomington and IUPUI campuses.

Sign up for these workshops or others in the series here >>

August 31: Adobe Connect will become read-only

Download content you want to keep before December 28, 2017.

On August 31, Adobe Connect, IU's web collaboration and conferencing system, will become read-only. If you have created recordings, you will be able to access and download that content, but will no longer be able to conduct live meetings.

Here’s how you can preserve your Adobe Connect content:

Learn more about the Adobe Connect retirement >>

Find what you're looking for in IU Classifieds

Buy, sell, seek, or share here.

From furniture to a ride back home, a part-time job or concert tickets, all kinds of goods and services can be found in IU Classifieds. With ads open to students from all IU campuses, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a workout partner, a gaming system, or a book for class.

Go to One.IU and search “classifieds” to see what’s out there waiting for you!