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UITS Monitor: Special edition - Beat the new semester rush, sign up for Duo now

Sign up for Duo now

Work off some of that turkey, get your Two-Step on with Duo

Two-Step Login with Duo is required for all Indiana University staff and employees. Sign up now before the spring semester rush.

To get step-by-step instructions, visit the IU Knowledge Base website and search for “Duo,” or visit:

What is Two-Step Login with Duo?

Duo provides two-step logins for secure systems at IU. It adds a second layer of security for your personal information and financial data.

Verifying your identity via a second step helps prevent anyone but you from logging ineven if they know your username and passphrase.

Why is Two-Step Login important?

Email and online scams (phishing attacks) are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Duo Two-Step Loginalso known as two-factor authenticationadds a second layer of security, in case your passphrase is compromised. 

How does Two-Step Login work?

Two-Step Login with Duo works like the two-step logins that many financial services require: 

  1. Enter your username and passphrase
  2. Use your mobile device (recommended) or phone to complete your login

When you set up a device to use for two-step logins, be sure to set up a second option. That way, you have a backup in case you’re without access to your primary device.

Note: Don't forget to enable Two-Step Login for all CAS (Central Authentication Service) logins. If you've already enrolled, you may still need to complete this second step.

How to get help with Two-Step Login

Use the IU Knowledge Base to search for answers online, or contact the UITS Support Center. Our team is poised and ready to help 24/7 by phone, chat, or email. For in-person support, visit a campus walk-in location. 

To reach your campus support center, visit the IU Knowledge Base website and search for “support center,” or visit:

Oh, and one last thing

Watch this hilarious video from the Kelley School of Business about Two-Step Login with Duo.