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IU to roll out CrimsonCard, new official photo ID for all campuses

CrimsonCard streamlines your life by providing secure access to essential university services, including meal plans, libraries, rec sports, printing, retailers and more

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—Call it "one card to rule them all."

Starting in April, Indiana University students, faculty and staff on all IU campuses will no longer have to fumble for different cards to enter their dorm room, buy a snack on campus or check out a videogame from the library.

One card to rule them all
One card to rule them all

Coming spring 2017, CrimsonCard will replace multiple existing cards, giving you secure access to essential IU services.

The university is replacing many different card systems with a common identity card that will function consistently across all IU campuses. Called CrimsonCard, it will be used for a variety of university services and features including:

  • Secure access to IU buildings and residence halls
  • Meal plans
  • Campus libraries
  • Sports and recreation facilities
  • Printing services
  • Payment at participating retailers

CrimsonCard distribution will begin in early April to new IU students attending orientation events. From then on, all incoming students, faculty, and staff will receive a CrimsonCard at no cost. Current IU cardholders will be able to replace their existing, valid campus cards at their convenience by summer of 2018.

To learn more about CrimsonCard, and how you can get your very own, visit