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IU Pervasive Technology Institute announces Spring 2017 seminars/workshops

Supercomputing for Everyone Series - seminars, workshops, and PTI affiliated projects.

The Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute announces their remaining Spring semester 2017 seminar and workshop opportunities.  Seminars are typically at IUB with viewing rooms available at IUPUI and via a video bridge or Adobe connect.  Seminars may also be available via streaming at URLs specific to each event.  Topics cover a range of areas including big data, cybersecurity, technology which enables campus bridging and faster discovery, as well as the introduction of new tools and services.  See for a complete list with location and connection details.

Friday, February 24, Noon
David Reagan presents "IQ-Tables & Touch-Enabled Software Workflows"

Friday, February 24, 1pm
Matt Link presents "Open XDMoD Value Analytics - A novel approach to evaluate return on investment"

Monday, February 27, 11am
Susan Sons, Craig Jackson, and Bob Cowles present "Practical Cybersecurity Program for (smaller) science projects"

Wednesday, March 1, 1pm
Rob Quick presents "Software assurance at IU:  A journey into the SWAMP"

Friday, March 3, Noon
Tassie Gniady presents "R Twitter Analysis"

Thursday, March 9, 3pm
Craig Stewart and Dave Hancock present "Using the Jetstream cloud system and applying for an allocation of compute and storage resources"

Friday, March 24, Noon
Jeff Rogers presents "3D Object Acquisition and Printing"

Friday, March 31, Noon
Tassie Gniady presents "3D Photogrammetry"

Wednesday, April 5, 1pm
John Deur, director of combustion research, presents "The Role of HPC in Combustion Research at Cummins"

Friday, April 14, Noon
Chris Eller presents "Advanced Media"

Monday, April 24, 11am
Susan Ramsey and Anurag Shankar present "Compliance panel"

Wednesday, May 3, 1pm
Stephanie Cox and Kyle Kilgore present "IUAnyWare demo solutions for Storefront gateway, Windows and Linux apps, new Windows and Linux desktops and new use case discussions"

Workshops and Special Events
February 21 (IUPUI) and February 24 (IUB)
Intermediate Parallel Programming for Supercomputers

Thursday, March 2, All Day
Brainhack Global Conference

Thursday, March 2, 10am-Noon

Tuesday, March 7, 1-4pm
Microsoft Azure for Research