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Hit your data targets with DAART

IU has developed a graphical tool called the Data Archive And Retrieval Tool (DAART) to help researchers manage their high performance computing resources

Invoking DAART from folder

Invoking DAART (Beta) from folder context menu

IU has robust supercomputing facilities and services that are free for IU’s faculty, students, and staff to use. Once the computation and analyses are complete – IU offers long-term storage for data in the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA).  Previously, SDA was largely accessed by command line and did not utilize metadata or “tags” to identify the data in a meaningful way. So, it was not straightforward to move data to the SDA and, once the data was on the SDA, it required a fair bit of searching through the files in the SDA in order find the desired file. To make moving the data and searching for it (later) easier, SciAPT and the SCA teams have developed a graphical tool called the Data Archive And Retrieval Tool (DAART).

Screenshot of DAART options

Screenshot of DAART options: Focused on archiving abilities

DAART enables HPC users to snapshot data from Data Capacitor II (DC II), or their home directory, or DCWAN II to the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA); and to restore previously stored datasets from the SDA. DAART's primary functions are:

  • Intuitive and seamless data movement between SDA and disk file systems (currently available within Karst Desktop Beta).
  • Safe & secure archival of your valuable datasets; SDA replicates data between Bloomington & Indianapolis, in contrast to data getting purged on disk based filesystems.
  • Freeing up critical disk space on DC II and DCWAN II for use by other users of IU supercomputing & storage CI.