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Enabling web-based therapeutic intervention research

IU faculty and staff collaborate to innovate therapeutic research.

Researchers Stacey Crane, doctoral student at the IU School of Nursing, and Robert Skipworth Comer, research associate in the School of Informatics and Computing, collaborated with Andy Arenson, Advanced Biomedical IT Core group within UITS Research Technologies/IU Pervasive Technology Institute, to innovate therapeutic research. The purpose of their research project was to develop the information technology infrastructure to support an interactive and fully web-based therapeutic writing intervention targeted to prevent dating violence.

This project, Writing to Improve Self in Relationships or WISER, used REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) which is a secure, HIPAA-aligned, and customizable application that is widely-available at academic institutions and commonly used to capture research data. PHPCap (, a publicly available package developed by ABITC that simplifies the use of the REDCap Application Programming Interface (API), was used to facilitate WISER's interaction with REDCap. 

WISER architecture
WISER architecture
Caption:  Overview of WISER IT architecture.
Preliminary results indicated that the REDCap interface functions well for both clients and clinicians were presented at Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (CANS) conference in Washington, D.C. during September 2016. Future plans for the team include using the completed information technology infrastructure to conduct a larger-scale pilot study of the intervention efficacy.
REDCAP automation REDCAP event grid