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Emergency Humanitarian Mapping Workshop at IU's Scholars' Commons

An emergency humanitarian mapping workshop November 17, 2017 at 2pm in IU's Scholars' Commons.

On Sunday, there was a deadly earthquake near the border between Iraq and Iran where more than 450 people were killed and thousands were injured. It might seem like a long way away from Indiana, but you can help disaster responders in the region right here at IU! An emergency humanitarian mapping workshop is being held tomorrow (November 17, 2017) at 2pm in the Scholar's Commons IQ-Wall (E157H, Herman B. Wells Library).

Map of affected area for the emergency humanitarian mapping workshop

Map of affected area for Emergency Humanitarian Mapping Workshop

What exactly is humanitarian mapping? When a disaster strikes, groups of people from around the world work together (remotely) to map the affected areas. Disaster responders like the Red Cross use these detailed maps to respond. According to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, "In the aftermath of a disaster, knowing the condition of buildings, infrastructure, and utilities is critical to both immediate response and long-term recovery efforts." Now that you have the general idea, join Tassie Gniady, UITS Research Technologies, to help those impacted by the recent earthquake on the Iran/Iraq border! At this workshop, the global community of mappers will use satellite imagery to tag areas where there is visible destruction or flooding, and working to improve maps of remote areas so first responders can get to those in need. This event is open to all, and no experience is needed. Please bring your laptop if possible.