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D2I releases Data MatchMaker

The Data to Insight Center (D2I) at Indiana University is pleased to announce the release of the Data MatchMaker, a pluggable service that uses configurable rules to find suitable locations to deposit data during a publishing process.  For a researcher, identifying the best place for sharing and preserving data is a challenge because policies, storage limitations, and researcher needs all factor in.

Data MatchMaker takes in information about research objects (datasets), repositories and people and returns a list of recommendations. Its set of configurable rules evaluates the needs of repositories and researchers and the characteristics of data for each request to provide recommendations for which repository is most suitable for publishing a particular dataset.

The release features a complete and modularized code licensed under Apache License 2.0, a set of sample profiles for a research object, a repository, and a person, and a set of rules that can be used for testing and customizing matching. The Data MatchMaker is a reusable and customizable recommendation layer that can be added to any publishing system that handles data from multiple research domains and connects to multiple repositories.

A video about Data Matchmaker is available here.  More details about Data MatchMaker and the code for download can be found here.  Data MatchMaker has been in use in the Sustainable Environments Actionable Data (SEAD) cloud-based data management services and is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant 0940824.

The Data To Insight Center at Indiana University carries out foundational research in the social and technical challenges of data use in research and scholarship. It develops innovative tooling and cyberinfrastructure to advance science and scholarship.