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UITS Monitor: IU Secure issues? We can help

IU Secure issues? We can help

Are you having trouble with IU Secure? If so, make sure your username and passphrase are correct. UITS has found this to be a common reason some users are experiencing problems connecting. 

For more information, visit the IU Knowledge Base (kb . iu . edu) and enter “docid:awws” into the search field.

If you have verified the correct credentials, but are still having problems, contact the IU Support Center (enter “docid:abxl” into the search field of the Knowledge Base for details).

IU celebrates launch of three new high performance computing systems

On September 1, IU celebrated the launch of three new high performance computing systems available to science and engineering researchers: Jetstream, Big Red II+, and Diet.

These resources could help researchers make faster breakthroughs in preventative care for genetic diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. The applications of the systems include everything from cloud-based, on-demand data analysis to faster processing times for large-scale computations, benefiting programs like IU’s Precision Health Initiative, the first recipient of funding through the university’s $300 million Grand Challenges Program.

“With these new systems, IU continues to provide our researchers the leading-edge computational tools needed for the scale of today’s research problems,” said Brad Wheeler, IU CIO and vice president for IT.

To learn more, visit itnews . iu . edu.

Welcome back! Here's how to get tech support at IU

At the beginning of a new semester, getting your devices configured and learning where to go for technical support can be confusing for new and returning students alike. If you aren’t sure where to turn, there are three places to try:

First, there’s the University Information Technology Services (UITS) homepage (uits . iu . edu), where you can get information on an incredibly wide range of IT issues.

Next, there’s the IU Knowledge Base (kb . iu . edu), which is exactly what it sounds like. The Knowledge Base has step-by-step guides and detailed descriptions about tech at the university.

Last but not least, there’s the IU Support Center. Get contact details by visiting the Knowledge Base and entering “docid:abxl” into the search field. Support Center consultants can assist you in person, over the phone, via email, or by chat.

IU reaches 100,000 Box users

Ever since IU began using the Box cloud storage and file-sharing service in 2012, it’s become a go-to tool for students, faculty, and staff.

IU recently surpassed 100,000 active users, with IU Kokomo freshman Madison Christensen pushing the university into the six figures. Box is used daily at IU for everything from students collaborating on class projects to university leaders sharing strategic plans, giving IU the largest implementation of the platform in higher education.

“I’ve never seen anything grow so organically in user adoption as just turning Box on and then watching our community innovate,” said IU CIO and Vice President for IT Brad Wheeler.

To learn more, visit itnews . iu . edu.

Hone your expertise through UITS IT Training Certificate Series

Learn the ins and outs of a variety of computer applications by attending a series of UITS IT Training workshops this semester.

From Microsoft’s Office, Access, and Excel software to web creation and desktop publishing, UITS IT Training’s Certificate Series can help you become an expert. Upon completion of a series, participants will earn a certificate.

For more information, visit ittraining . iu . edu and search the schedule of training workshops, including in-person classroom sessions. If you have questions, email UITS IT Training at ittraining at iu . edu, or call (812) 855-7383 (IU Bloomington) or (317) 274-7383 (IUPUI).

IU welcomes inaugural class of intelligent systems engineering students

Engineering has arrived in Bloomington! IU’s first-ever engineering majors, a group of 25 undergraduates and 20 Ph.D. students, recently started classes.

The School of Informatics and Computing hosts the department, intelligent systems engineering, and it is chaired by IU Distinguished Professor Geoffrey Fox. The program has six focus areas—bioengineering, computer engineering, cyber-physical systems, environmental engineer, molecular and nanoscale engineering, and neuro-engineering—and 10 faculty members. 

To learn more, visit itnews . iu . edu.