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UITS Monitor: Calling all gamers: Get your Game On!

Calling all gamers: Get your Game On!

IU’s annual tech and gaming event, Game On, is coming to the university’s regional campuses over the next few weeks. Hosted by UITS, the event lets gamers take part in video game battles and even experiment with a virtual reality headset—all while learning how tech at IU can save you time and money!

IU Northwest: August 30, 11am-2pm, Moraine Lobby

IU South Bend: August 31, 11am-2pm, Administration Building Firesides A&B

IU Kokomo: September 1, 11am-2pm, Alumni Hall

IUPUC: September 13, 11am-2pm, Columbus Learning Center

IU Southeast: September 14, 11am-2pm, Commons Dining Hall 

IU East: September 15, 12-2pm, Springwood Hall Lobby

For more information, contact Alicia Hosey, UITS events marketing coordinator, at

MATLAB computational program now available to entire IU community

UITS Research Analytics now has a university-wide license for MATLAB, a program for doing numerical computation. MATLAB is available at no cost to all IU students, faculty, and staff.

MATLAB can be especially useful in linear algebra, but it also has several applications across the science domains, including such complex fields as computational fluid dynamics and solid-body simulations. IU engineering courses currently use MATLAB. 

MATLAB is supported in Student Technology Center labs, on IUanyWare (a service that allows members of the IU community to run certain IU-licensed software applications without installing them on computers or mobile devices), and on the university’s supercomputers. Try MATLAB for yourself, and see how the program can benefit you.

Learn how to download and install MATLAB >>

Mosaic Initiative to kick off at IUPUI with Sept. 9 luncheon

Indiana University’s active learning initiative, the Mosaic Initiative, will publicly launch on the IUPUI campus Friday, September 9, 11:30am-1pm, at the Hine Tower Ballroom.

IUPUI Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Johnson and IU Associate Vice President for Learning Technologies Stacy Morrone will discuss the Mosaic Initiative at IUPUI and the broader IU community. University of Minnesota experts J.D. Walker and Christina I. Petersen will share the most recent research on active learning and active learning spaces.

IUPUI’s first cohort of Mosaic Faculty Fellows will also be introduced. The Fellows will participate in the Mosaic Faculty Fellows program, a one-year commitment to transforming teaching and contributing to the development of IUPUI learning spaces and related practices.

Register now >>

Start the fall semester with the tech help you need from UITS IT Training

During the first two weeks of classes, UITS IT Training is offering workshops designed to help you get off to a great start this semester, including:

For more information, visit and search the schedule of training workshops, including in-person classroom sessions. If you have questions, email UITS IT Training at or call (812) 855-7383 (IU Bloomington) or (317) 274-7383 (IUPUI).

New IU faculty annual-reporting tool is ready for use

Just in time for the fall semester, Digital Measures Activity Insight (DMAI), a faculty annual-reporting and activity-entry tool, is ready for IU faculty use. DMAI replaces the Faculty Annual Reporting (FAR) system and will be implemented for 2016 annual reporting. FAR should no longer be used by IU faculty.

Faculty can log in to their DMAI profiles using their CAS credentials or via One.IU. In September, more details will be shared for users responsible for reviewing and reporting on faculty activities, such as department chairs and administrative users.

DMAI’s benefits include reducing the burden of manual entry through web services and importing options. Online help resources are available for training, and each IU campus has a trainer available if further assistance is needed.

For additional information about DMAI, please see the University Academic Affairs informational website. For further questions and concerns, email

Buy a new PC, get a free TV

Need a new PC heading into the semester? Why not get a free TV while you’re at it?

Dell is offering the IU community a 2-for-1 deal. When you buy a new PC for $699.99 or more (including Accidental Damage Service), get a free 32-inch Samsung TV. 

To learn more about Dell’s deals, visit

Oncourse retirement: What to expect

After August 31, 2016, Oncourse content and data will be available to IU faculty, staff, students, and guests in read-only mode through August 2017. For more about the Oncourse retirement, visit the IU Knowledge Base.

Instructors: You can find a complete set of resources to help you move from Oncourse to Canvas at

Project site owners: A number of appropriate alternative platforms and tools are available to replace Oncourse project sites. For more about alternatives to Oncourse project sites, visit the IU Knowledge Base.