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UITS Monitor: Special edition: Strengthen your account security with two-step login

What is Duo?

Duo provides two-step logins for secure systems at IU. IU students need it to set up and access bank account information for financial aid and bursar refund direct deposits. IU faculty and staff need it to view or change personal or financial information in IU systems.

Duo adds a second layer of security for your personal information and financial data. Verifying your identity via a second step helps prevent anyone but you from logging in -- even if they know your username and passphrase. 

Why is Duo important?

Email and online scams (phishing attacks) are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Duo two-step login -- also known as two-factor authentication -- adds a second layer of security, in case your passphrase is compromised. 

How does Duo work?

Duo works like the two-step logins that many financial services require: 

  1. Enter your username and passphrase
  2. Use your mobile device (recommended) or phone to complete your login

When you set up a device to use for two-step logins, be sure to set up a second option. That way, you have a backup in case you are without access to your primary device.

Smartphones and tablets are the best choice for most people. What if you don't have one, or don't have one on hand? Regular cell phones and landlines are also supported.

How to sign up for Duo

To enroll a smartphone or tablet for use with the Duo Mobile app, first set up your IU Duo account. Then install and activate the Duo Mobile app on your device. The IU Knowledge Base provides details for iOS (iPhone or iPad), Android (smartphone or tablet), Blackberry, and Windows Phone. 

Two-step login also works with all cell phones and landlines. Duo supports authentication via phone call and text (SMS) passcodes. Standard text and phone rates apply.

To get step-by-step instructions, visit the IU Knowledge Base website and search for "Duo" or visit:

Students: To watch a video tutorial on the mobile registration process, see:

How to get help with Duo

Use the IU Knowledge Base to search for answers online, or contact the UITS Support Center. Consultants are available 24/7 by phone, chat, or email. For in-person support, visit a campus walk-in location. 

To reach your campus support center, visit the IU Knowledge Base website and search for "support center" or visit: