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UITS Monitor: IU's agreement with is ending

No worries—there are many other no-cost tech-training resources available

IU's agreement with is ending

The university’s agreement with will end on June 30. The decision to discontinue this online video tutorial service is based on two factors: a proposed significant price increase by and limited use by the IU community.

No worries—there are many other no-cost tech-training resources available at IU. You can also get substantial discounts for eLearning through ongoing IU contracts. 

Visit the UITS IT Training website for a full breakdown of these alternatives:

There are options for continuing to use through some Indiana public libraries or by paying a fee.

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For help finding the best solution, contact UITS IT Training.


Phone: (812) 855-7383 or (317) 274-7383

IU School of Medicine launches new community site

MedNet is the IU School of Medicine's news and announcement portal. The new intranet site offers public access to frequently used documents, resources, and private portals based on your role within the School of Medicine. For example, medical students have their own portal with secure access, as do faculty, staff, residents, and fellows, among others.

What's there now is just the beginning. MedNet will continue to grow and change in response to user suggestions and needs.

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Important change for antivirus software at IU coming soon

As of June 18, Symantec will no longer provide antivirus updates for IU users.

If you currently use Symantec Endpoint Protection to safeguard your computer against malware, UITS recommends that you begin using a different antivirus software product.

IUware offers multiple alternatives for antivirus software at IU.

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Getting started with the IU Framework

Learn what it takes to use the new IU Framework for websites in a one-hour webinar from UITS IT Training, Friday, May 13, 2-3pm.

The framework is a template-based, customizable website development solution that helps produce IU-branded, mobile-friendly sites.

The webinar will teach you how to request the framework, how to structure website content for the framework, and how to use the basic functionality of the framework.

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Contact UITS IT Training with any questions about the webinar.


Phone: (812) 855-7383 or (317) 274-7383

New data protection and privacy tutorial available

Are you an IU employee? A newly launched eTraining tutorial will teach you about the university's important policies regarding data, including: 

  • The types of data IU collects and how they are classified
  • Data-handling responsibilities
  • The basic privacy laws IU has to follow

After searching for eTrain in One.IU, any user with an IU network ID can access the tutorial by navigating to the “Data Protection and Privacy Tutorial,” then enrolling.

IU affiliates unable to authenticate into One.IU can access the video version of the tutorial. An accessible alternative is also available.

Intriguing IT Leadership Community talk next week

The entire IU community is invited to a presentation by Dr. Jim Sherman, a professor in IU’s department of psychological and brain sciences, hosted by the IT Leadership Community. Entitled, "What can research about counterfactual thinking ('—— if only') teach us about leadership,” Dr. Sherman’s research focuses heavily on judgment and decision-making.

Date: Monday, May 9
Time: 1:30pm (12:30pm CDT)
  • IU Bloomington: CIB, Wrubel Lobby
  • IU East: Hayes Hall 171A
  • IU Kokomo: KC-114
  • IU Northwest: Hawthorn Hall 105
  • IUPUI: IT-303
  • IUPUC: LC 1512
  • IU South Bend: NS-0069B
  • IU Southeast: Knobview 014-E

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Contact for more information.