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UITS Monitor: Be #PrivacyAware: Data Privacy Day is coming

Be #PrivacyAware: Data Privacy Day is coming

How will you participate in Data Privacy Day on January 28? One of the primary messages of the international awareness campaign is to own your online presence. Understanding key concepts such as considering what your online postings reveal, limiting access with privacy and security settings, posting about others as you prefer they post about you, and knowing who collects your information via and apps and websites are incredibly important, both now and in your future.

Your personal data is like money, and owning your online presence is one of the best ways to protect that asset. Here are more tips to improve your level of protection:

Protect IU has even more valuable information about how to stay safe online. Brush up on best practices, then take the My Privacy IQ Quiz to gauge whether you’re truly treating data like money.

There's no party like a LAN party!

Ever wondered what a casual gaming event looks like in a university setting? Now you have the chance to experience one first hand, meet the members of IU’s gaming clubs, and get to know other like-minded gamers!

UITS will host a LAN (local area network) party for IU Bloomington gaming clubs and students with a general interest in gaming. With featured games such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm, there is sure to be a game for everyone. If you have a favorite game you’d like to play, we can play that, too!

Participants will also be able to use the Oculus Rift, and enter a drawing for $300 worth of prizes.

  • When: Saturday, February 13, 1-5pm
  • Where: Frangipani Room, Indiana Memorial Union, IU Bloomington

Although a couple of gaming consoles will be provided, participants should bring their own gaming PC and equipment to the event, if possible.

Questions? Contact the event organizer, IU student Jonathan Hosey.

Use Pluralsight to learn advanced technical and design skills

Pluralsight is available to all IU faculty, staff, and students for a cost of $79 per year through UITS IT Training. Learn advanced technical and creative design topics including IT security, web and database development, programming, animation, business intelligence, and 3D rendering from this self-study resource. Subscriptions are active for 12 full months from the sign-up date, so you can plan to have the service exactly when it’s needed.

In addition, Pluralsight has just acquired Code School, known for hands-on, interactive learning that uses theme-driven courses and in-browser coding challenges covering everything from Ruby to JavaScript to Git. Code School is geared toward both professionals and those just starting out in the field, and is offered through Pluralsight at no additional cost.

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Spotting phishes in a sea of email

With tax season right around the corner, scammers are looking for ways to get ahold of sensitive institutional and personal information to commit tax fraud. Phishing, or scamming users via email by posing as a legitimate entity, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to accomplish this nefarious crime.

Here are a few tips and questions to ask yourself so you don’t get hooked:

  • Are you expecting an email of this nature (e.g., password reset, account expiration, wire transfer, travel confirmation, etc.)?
  • Does the message ask for any personal information? (password, credit cards, Social Security Number, etc.)
  • Hover your mouse over the links in the email. Does the hover-text link match what's in the actual text? Do the actual links look like a site with which you would normally do business?
  • Click “Reply.” Does the address in the "To" field match the sender of the message?
  • If the message purports to be from an IU email account or device, check the email headers. All messages originating outside the IU Network will include the text The presence of this text most likely indicates the message is not coming from a legitimate IU sender.

If you’re not sure about the legitimacy of an email message, report it with the full email headers so IU cybersecurity experts can investigate.

Visit the Protect IU site to learn more about phishing and email scams >>

Upcoming "Authentic Conversations" workshop can open doors

The IU Women in Technology and IT Leadership Community will host "Authentic Conversations," a workshop with Martie Adler from IU Human Resources. "Authentic Conversations" will help participants learn why authenticity is not something you have—it is something you choose.

How this workshop can help you:

Deep down, most people want to hear the truth—even if it’s hard. When people don’t say what they’re really thinking, relationships and even organizations can run off course. "Authentic Conversations" will teach you how to:

  • Overcome barriers to meaningful conversation
  • Increase clarity, improved understanding, and impetus for change
  • Confront challenges with courage, compassion, and skill
  • Handle strong emotions (your own and others)


  • Friday, February 19, 1-4 pm


  • IU Bloomington: CIB (lobby)
  • IUPUI: IT 203
  • Regional campus viewing locations: Contact Myriam Young or Jim Yocum

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IU Medical Center main operator phone number to change February 1

Attention IU Health patients: On February 1, the IU Medical Center main operator phone number, (317) 274-5000, will transition to a recording directing callers to two new numbers.

On February 1, callers to the (317) 274-5000 phone number will hear a recorded message directing them to call either (317) 944-5000 for IU Health and clinical inquiries, or (317) 274-5555 for IUPUI general and academic inquiries.

The IU Contact Center has been managing the IU Medical Center main operator phone number for five years in order to maintain consistency during the transition to IU Health Physicians. UITS will officially retire this number on August 1, 2016.