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UITS Monitor: UITS jobs can be the beginning of a successful career in tech

UITS jobs can be the beginning of a successful career in tech

IU Bloomington alum Tarun Gangwani started his tech career as a student, working as a Technology Center Consulting (TCC) consultant. Recently, the 27-year-old IBM manager made Forbes Magazine’s 2016 “30 Under 30” Enterprise Tech list.

While Gangwani’s accolades are certainly a product of his aptitude and hard work, he credits his time at UITS for giving him valuable, practical experience.

Who will be the next UITS student employee to make his or her mark in the tech field? Start your career at UITS.

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Start the new semester with some tech training

Whether your goal is to master a familiar product or to learn the basics of an unfamiliar application, UITS’ IT Training and Student Outreach teams can help you improve your skills. From technology workshops for your student group to targeted classroom presentations regarding UITS services, your tech savvy will grow—and best of all, the training comes at no cost to you.

Additionally, electronic materials (and a facility, if necessary) are provided, and you can choose between in-person or online presentations.

Some popular training topics include:

  • IUanyWare and cloud storage
  • Collaborating with Box@IU
  • Top UITS services for students
  • Canvas
  • Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access
  • Web development, programming, and statistical applications

For more information or to schedule a session, email the UITS Student Outreach Program or call (812) 855-9797.

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January 28 is Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day, an annual international campaign created to emphasize the importance of safeguarding personal information, is approaching. 
One of the most critical lessons taught on this holiday is to treat data like money. Value it, protect it, and be thoughtful about who you share it with—not to mention how it’s collected through apps and websites.

Respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust are important both at work and at home. Visit the online safety and security section of Protect IU for more information, and make sure to follow @ProtectIU on Data Privacy Day for expert tips, tricks, and resource highlights. In the meantime, here are a few tips that can help:
  • Update your passphrase annually and keep it confidential.
  • Know the difference between critical and restricted IU data.
  • Check the security and privacy settings on your mobile devices.
  • Be #PrivacyAware — take the quiz at:

Adobe Creative Cloud renewal codes available through IUware

A year after IU began offering access to Adobe Creative Cloud, early subscribers are beginning to receive notification that their subscriptions are expiring. If that happens to you, don’t panic—it only means that a renewal is required for the suite of creative tools and applications.

Through IUware, students, staff, and faculty subscribers can obtain a new redemption code to continue using Adobe products at no cost. The codes can only be obtained once a subscription has expired, so users must wait at least 365 days since first gaining access before renewal.

As for users who don’t currently subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, it’s never too late to get a subscription.

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Support for older versions of Internet Explorer has ended

As of January 12, Microsoft no longer supports versions of its Internet Explorer web browser prior to the current—and final—version of Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft released a final security patch for Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10, which included an “End of Life” notification for the users of those versions as a reminder that the browser is no longer supported. To avoid potential issues caused by operating an older, unsupported version of Internet Explorer, PC users can upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 by turning on automatic updates, which are activated by selecting “Check for Updates” on the Windows Update portion of the control panel.

Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 users will continue to receive technical support, security updates, and compatibility fixes for Internet Explorer 11, according to Microsoft.

Users who are running older versions of Internet Explorer should immediately upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or learn which web browsers UITS recommends for use with IU services. 

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Learn how to auto-caption your videos

Attend the webinar “Video Captioning: DIY Method with YouTube” Wednesday, January 27, 10-10:50am, and learn how to use YouTube’s auto-captioning feature to create and edit captions for video files, with or without a full transcript.

Along with a detailed demonstration, learn time estimates, best practices, and shortcuts to save time and money. YouTube aficionados, this webinar is for you!

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