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IU joins worldwide celebration of geographic information systems technology

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.—Indiana University is celebrating Geographic Information Systems with its 18th annual GIS Day event on November 10, 9am–3:30pm, in the Herman B Wells Library lobby at IU Bloomington.

Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, are systems that combine graphic characteristics or features in the world with detailed information about those features, forming a database referenced to geographic location.

The GIS technology helps to predict things like hurricanes, tornados and the spread of diseases, allowing researchers and staff, non-profits, businesses, and government agencies to make effective, more-informed decisions.

GIS Day is a worldwide ode to the GIS technology, and IU will play its part in the celebrations. IU’s GIS Day event will offer a wide range of highlights for attendees to learn about GIS, meet GIS professionals and learn about internships and GIS careers.

Highlights of the day will include:

  • Keynote by Jim Sparks, Indiana geographic information officer
  • Lightning talks about new research
  • Google Earth Engine demo
  • Virtual Sphere and Science on a Sphere
  • Display of the award-winning IndianaMap
  • Bloomington and Monroe County GIS data and imagery

To learn more about GIS Day, visit:

About GIS

GIS is a multibillion-dollar industry employing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. GIS converts the rows and columns in databases and spreadsheets to maps displaying locations for new businesses, routes for emergency responders and geological features for locating minerals, oil or gas. GIS technologies provide value to organizations of all sizes and users in almost every industry by supporting better decision-making, improved communication and greater efficiency.

About GIS at Indiana University

Indiana University staff provides support for GIS technologies on all Indiana University campuses, and contributes to state efforts in building a single map for Indiana. Indiana University's advanced computing and networking infrastructure serves as the foundation for state-of-the-art GIS instructional facilities. The Indiana University GIS community has access to enterprise GIS services, geospatial data libraries and professional software to support academic and research excellence in diverse fields.