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The future of tech sizzles in Las Vegas

UITS' own Dennis Cromwell and Nitocris Perez report back on their recent trip out west to the annual Consumer Electronics Show

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, held January 6-9 in Las Vegas, is more than just a cool event—it sets trends, raises the bar for technology, and at times, predicts the future.

Two UITS employees, Nitocris Perez, emerging technology analyst, and Dennis Cromwell, IU associate vice president of client support and services, were in Vegas to experience the colossal event. 

With their keen eyes for what’s next in tech, the UITS duo picked out a few of the gadgets that drew their attention from the more than 3,600 vendors in attendance at CES.

While they had different perspectives—Perez was making her second trip, representative of her role in ensuring UITS is aware of the industry’s latest innovations that can help the university with teaching and learning; Cromwell, a CES newbie, took more of a holistic approach in his new role overseeing client support—both returned to Bloomington truly impressed by what they observed.

"It’s all about supporting IU students and faculty," said Cromwell about attending CES. "It’s important for me in my client services and support role to get a big-picture overview on where the consumer market is going, because that’s often what will drives our support requirements in coming years. Going to this event is also a nice way to learn about new products that might be applicable in to the university missions of teaching and research."

For her part, Perez attends CES to report back on emerging tech trends and get the latest on devices and gadgets for campus. She said she was most impressed by the array of smart home products and wearables. "Head-mounted displays were huge as was the retinal projection technology that Google Glass introduced," she said. "A lot of the most exciting innovations aren’t necessarily the things we hold in our hands."

From virtual reality and robots to 3D printing and wearables for pets, check out some of the more eye-catching CES displays.