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Jetstream allocations available—apply by April 15th

Jetstream provides on-demand computing and data analysis resources. Allocation requests are now being accepted and are due by April 15, 2016.

The Jetstream cloud system is currently available for allocations and use in early operations mode. Jetstream ( is a first-of-a-kind cloud system supporting all areas of science and engineering research funded by the National Science Foundation. Jetstream provides access to computing and data analysis resources on demand. Users will interact with the system through a menu of “virtual machines” (VMs) designed to support research in many disciplines including biology, neuroscience, atmospheric science, earth science, economics, network science, observational astronomy, and the social sciences. Jetstream also easily allows new research software tools to be made available to potential users.

To start using Jetstream, an allocation request must be submitted. There are two units of allocation on Jetstream: VMs and persistent storage. The basic unit of VM allocation for Jetstream will be based on a virtual CPU (vCPU) hour (1 service unit (SU) is equivalent to 1 vCPU for 1 hour of wall clock time). A standard ‘tiny’ VM instance will consist of 1 vCPU, 2 GB of RAM, and 8 GB of storage. This corresponds closely to a ‘t2.small’ instance in Amazon Web Services. We recommend 50,000 SUs as the upper limit for startup allocations (approximately 5 ‘tiny’ VMs running for a year). Additional persistent storage for data may also be requested (maximum of 10 TB per allocation, please see Jetstream persistent storage is for the storage of VM images and snapshots, as well as block storage volumes attached to a VM, and eventually (API-accessible) object storage data.

The next deadline for submitting a request for research allocations is April 15, 2016. A guide with more detail on Jetstream allocations is available online at ( If you need assistance preparing a request for use of Jetstream, please send an email to and a Jetstream team representative will be in touch with you.