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RT's SciAPT enables improved simulations of tropical cyclones

The success of these simulations allows for deeper analysis of tropical cyclone development.

IU’s Science Applications and Performance Tuning (SciAPT) group assisted a research group led by Dr. Chanh Kieu (Geological Sciences). The team is investigating the structure of intense tropical cyclones with ultra-high resolution simulations using IU’s Big Red II high-performance computing system. By conducting idealized simulations for tropical cyclone-like vortices using the state-of-the-art Hurricane Weather Research and Forecasting model, IU’s hurricane modeling group is able to simulate the entire development process of the double warm core structure associated with intense tropical cyclones.

The success of these simulations allows for deeper analyses of tropical cyclone development. These analyses are conducted to examine potential impacts of the lower stratosphere on cyclone structure and on the distribution of intense tropical cyclones in different ocean basins. These findings have significant implications for the study of tropical cyclone-climate change connection and will shed light on the structure of tropical cyclones at a new high intensity limit.

Caption:  Simulation of the structure of a tropical cyclone – generated by Big Red II and Karst