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PIPES wins prestigious award

Chauncey Frend from the AVL at IU was awarded the "Best Research Demo Award".

A new virtual reality experience  – "PIPES" – developed by Chauncey Frend from the Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) at IU was awarded the "Best Research Demo Award" by the IEEE Computer Society (2016 IEEE Virtual Reality conference in Greenville, SC). "PIPES" enables virtual reality developers to simulate environmental conditions such as; wind, heat, or smell. The awarded experience simulates a guided tour through an ancient Roman dining palace where users can feel warmth from the sun, breezes in the courtyard, and the scents of traditional foods. A video overview of this project can be viewed here PIPES Demo.

The use of immersive virtual worlds is increasingly widespread in research, development, and applications. Immersive experiences created using virtual worlds are useful in many capacities including education. AVL extended its current virtual reality systems with the PIPES technology to enhance virtual world projects. Existing and future IU personnel benefit from having this new technology and expertise in-house and readily available.

Read more about IU's Chauncey Frend here.

Caption: A user wearing a virtual headset sitting in the chair experiencing a virtual tour of ancient Rome while the PIPES VR system simulates the warm sunlight from the illuminated heat lamp. Other visitors are able to see what the user is looking at from the displays above the user.