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Indiana Imaging and Biomarker Neurorepository

Over 1000 scans have been generated from almost 1000 participants.

The Indiana Imaging and Biomarker Neurorepository is a collaborative project between the Center for Neuroimaging and Neuroradiology that is enabled by Research Technologies.  Following initial consultations with various neuroradiologists, a clinical MRI brain scan protocol was developed that is usable as both a tool for clinical needs and also suitable for research purposes. The scans are uploaded into the XNAT database and kept there as an imaging archive – XNAT is the sole data storage for these scans for research purposes.

To date, the Indiana Imaging and Biomarker Neurorepository has generated over 1000 scans from almost 1000 participants. Our future goals are to allow access to this data for researchers through some mechanism as well as incorporate other data such as the genetic information.

Caption:  White matter tracts of a human brain