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CyberDH supports student success

Grace Thomas is now a web archivist at the Library of Congress.

During the 2015-2016 school year, MLS/MIS candidate Grace Thomas worked with the Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Humanities team to expand the group’s offerings on text analysis with R for humanists. Thomas came to the team having worked with Matthew Jockers at the University of Nebraska, the author of the highly influential book Text Analysis with R for Students of Literature.

The aim of CyberDH’s materials is to ease humanists into programming with R by providing a three-tiered approach to freely available algorithms: 1) a web-based Shiny R app, 2) a fully annotated RNotebook explaining the how and why of each line of code, and 3) a lightly annotated RScript for adaptation by users. These materials are used in workshops given on the IU campuses and have been presented at two conferences, Keystone DH and XSEDE.

Thomas was instrumental in drafting initial versions of the algorithms & workflows and assisting at workshops. This work made her a highly desirable job candidate, and Thomas is now a web archivist at the Library of Congress.

Caption:  Grace Thomas