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Combining art and technology in a unique but natural and human way.

This highlight was enabled by:

  • Margaret Dolinsky, Advanced Visualization Lab and School of Fine Arts
  • Ed Dambik, Advanced Visualization Lab

The five distinct art pieces of Professor Margaret Dolinksy’s show “INTER:FACING” encouraged audience exploration through direct participation using several novel means of interaction. The gallery received a record number of visitors during the show with a constant stream of participants, many who returned several times. Students were given an assignment to visit the gallery and respond to the work through their writing and drawings. The students were not only from School of Fine Arts classes but came from the English Department, the School of Informatics and Computing, and local public schools. Local teachers brought groups of their students to the exhibition to see the work.

Combining art and technology in a unique but natural and human way fosters the exploration of new creative possibilities for artists and technologists opening opportunities for further collaborations and promoting new approaches. In this fashion, it also inspires viewers to look at technology as something approachable and with the ability to convey creative aesthetic values. Young people, engaged by the interactive aspects of the art, become curious about how it works and how it was made inspiring them to investigate topics and courses in computers, human interface design, 3D modeling and electronic and traditional arts.

“INTER:FACING” provided a showcase for artist Professor Margaret Dolinsky’s unique computer mediated portraiture digital art works. The exhibit was made possible through a collaboration with the Advanced Visualization Lab, the Institute of Digital Arts and Humanities, the College of Arts and Humanities, D2I and Grunwald Gallery. Professor Dolinsky’s art expresses everyday ephemeral and half- remembered occurrences that are often overlooked but whose significance is emphasized with larger than life projections. It is these types of emotional moments that computer interaction helps to express.

NSF GSS Codes:
Primary Field:  Human Sciences (920) - Child Development
Secondary Field:  Communication (930) - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia