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D2I releases SEAD 2.0

IU's Data to Insight Center announces newly designed SEAD publishing pipeline.

The Data to Insight Center (D2I) at IU has released SEAD 2.0 It has an improved project space, customized metadata, streamlined publishing with several repository choices, and better tracking of user publication requests. In particular, the newly designed SEAD publishing pipeline, now consists of:

  • Curbee: a suite of microservices that is applied to research objects to enhance (curate) them for publication.
  • SEAD Matchmaker: a recommendation engine that identifies most appropriate repositories for publication and publishes research objects.
  • PDT (People, Data, Things): a repository of profiles about the people, data, and repositories that are used in SEAD

The IU SEAD Cloud, another component of the 2.0 suite of tools, is a reusable, thin preservation and repository layer over an HPC storage system. It is deployed at IU over an HPSS replicated tape store. More details about SEAD@IU and people involved can be found here. For a list of new features, click here.

SEAD is funded in part by the National Science Foundation under its DataNet program, grant # 0940824. The Data To Insight Center carries out foundational research in the social and technical challenges of data use in research and scholarship and develops innovative tooling and cyberinfrastructure to advance science and scholarship.