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UITS Monitor: Rewind: Statewide IT Conference 2015

Rewind: 2015 Statewide IT Conference

Miss some of the 20th annual Statewide IT Conference? Considering how much was happening, that’s understandable. Whether you need to revisit a portion of the event or just want to relive one of the memorable moments, it’s possible to catch up now.

From videos and recordings of the 70 breakout sessions to a photo gallery and the keynote speeches by Internet2’s Florence Hudson and the Education Advisory Board’s Chris Miller, we’ve got you covered.

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All-in-one IT security training service up and running

Security First, a companion security resource to Protect.IU, is an online gateway for security-related training opportunities for IT professionals and staff throughout IU.

Security First is a hub for IU security training and resources, including:

  • Training videos and documentation
  • Links to Protect.IU for foundational policies and standards
  • Detailed information about key security topics like scanning for vulnerabilities, patch management, and securing mobile devices

Security First also offers security-related EdCert courses through UITS IT Training. IT professionals can attend online or in the classroom at no cost.

The first session, “CompTIA Security+,” takes place November 16-20, 9am-4pm. Details and registration for all security-related EdCert courses are on Security First.

Additionally, IT professionals can purchase access to Pluralsight online technical training through the end of 2015 as part of Security First. Contact UITS IT Training for more information about that offer.

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Take the next step: Learn how to build WCMS sites using Cascade Server

So, you already know how to create and publish assets in Cascade Server. You also know how to convert XML or HTML by writing XSLT. What’s the next step? 

UITS IT Training will offer an online-only workshop, “Cascade Server: Building a Site,” so you can learn how to plan data structures for a new site, build pages, create publishing assets, and convert an existing site into a Cascade Server site.

  • November 12, 9am-5pm

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UITS Cares group focuses on community service

Are you a technology-minded person or work in the field? Do you enjoy participating in community service work in your area? Consider joining UITS Cares, a newly formed group of UITS employees engaged with their local communities through service work.

Members of UITS Cares communicate about and share resources related to community service. To get involved, and to learn about holiday season opportunities for your community service group, visit the UITS Cares website.

Questions about printing at IU?

Not sure how to print from your laptop or mobile device on campus? Simply need to locate one of IU’s print release stations? The IU Knowledge Base has the answers you need.

Tips on everything from conserving paper to downloading, installing, and using the IU Printer Finder are covered.


New IU cybersecurity website has everything you need

The new Cybersecurity at IU website, launched Tuesday, serves as a central hub for cybersecurity at IU and gives a glimpse at the six main areas involved in the field across the university:

  • Applied research
  • Information sharing and analysis
  • Cybersecurity risk management
  • Law and policy
  • Secure computing research
  • University security

Take a spin around the site to learn more about each area, identify experts in related fields, and access information about cybersecurity certificate programs offered by IU schools.

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