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UITS Monitor: Security alert: Important IU Microsoft Service Update change

Security alert: Important IU Microsoft Service Update change

Due to a security vulnerability, the University Information Security Office (UISO) strongly recommends that all IU-affiliated organizations and individuals (including former students, faculty, and staff) running IU’s Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) configure the server to only connect through HTTPS, as opposed to HTTP, by September 15. But before taking action on a university-owned computer, contact your department’s IT support staff to verify how they wish to proceed.

If you downloaded and installed Get Connected or the IU Campus Update Service Configuration Assistant after August 7, 2015, no action is needed. If your download/installation took place before August 7, 2015, please install the new versions.

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Casting call for 2015 Statewide IT Conference video

From what you couldn’t wait to get your hands on (that BlackBerry!) to what you’re ready to forget (dial-up, anyone?), we want your stories about the last 20 years in technology — at IU and beyond.

Instead of coming up with the best ways to show you how technology has developed since 1995, we want you to share your stories with us in a video for the 2015 Statewide IT Conference. We want to hear anecdotes about what it took to roll out that big project and memories from what it was like to send your first email.

We promise that it won’t take more than five minutes of your time, so if you’re feeling nostalgic, get in touch with us at

Teaching in Canvas? Don't forget to enable the Redirector from Oncourse

The Canvas Redirector tool appears on the home page of all official Oncourse course sites. It is visible only to users in the instructor or assistant role in your course site. When the tool is enabled, it redirects students and other visitors to the corresponding site in Canvas. 

The IU community is transitioning to Canvas in preparation for Oncourse’s August 2016 retirement. For a variety of online support resources to help in your move to Canvas, see

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Cyrus (Webmail) goes offline on September 30: Request automated migration now

Did you get an email about your Cyrus account? UITS is sending out reminders to active Cyrus users that Cyrus (Webmail) is officially shutting down on September 30. Account data will not be preserved unless you request an automated migration to Exchange or otherwise manually preserve your data.

Requests for automated migrations to Exchange are processed in the order they are received. So, it’s a good idea to request your migration as soon as possible. Processing time for your request will depend on how many others are in the queue ahead of you and the size of the files in those requests.

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Windows 10 now available

Ready to use Microsoft’s latest operating system update, Windows 10, but don’t want to wait for a reservation through the Windows 10 app? UITS has the Windows 10 Education Edition, at no cost, on IUware.

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Register now for One.IU webinar training

By now, you’ve likely heard about the impending retirement of OneStart on October 21, as IU makes the full transition to One.IU. But if you’re not totally comfortable with One.IU, there’s a way to get up to speed quickly.

A webinar training session on September 2, 1:30-2:30pm, will cover everything you need to know about One.IU, including:

  • Finding key navigation features 
  • Viewing and launching tasks
  • Creating and managing favorites
  • Setting and managing filters and preferences
  • Submitting ratings and reviews 

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