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IU GlobalNOC expands again with new partnerships

Indianapolis, Arkansas, Atlanta, Rhode Island: IU network engineers are in demand across the US

The Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) at Indiana University continues its record growth with four new partnerships spanning four regions of the country. New partners include the University of Indianapolis locally, the Atlanta-based Southern Crossroads (SoX) network, the Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network (ARE-ON), and the Rhode Island-based Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network (OSHEAN). 

"GlobalNOC continues to be an important, Indiana-based employer for advanced network engineers, and many other states with research networks find value in the partnership opportunities and services provided in Indiana," said Brad Wheeler, Indiana University vice president for information technology and chief information officer. "These new partnerships further grow revenue and diversify GlobalNOC’s range of partners."

Growing demand for network engineering and operations has created a burst of interest in the services of IU’s GlobalNOC, which also manages the I-Light fiber-optic network that spans the state.

"Supporting University of Indianapolis marks the first time GlobalNOC has partnered with another university to provide network services within a campus," said Marianne Chitwood, director of GlobalNOC operations and I-Light, a statewide network combining the resources of Indiana’s colleges and universities, state government, and many private-sector broadband providers. "Such partnerships with fellow I-Light institutions are a natural fit."

Beyond Indiana, GlobalNOC has gained an important partner in SoX, which provides vital services like network monitoring and engineering needs for researchers and educational institutions throughout the southeastern US.

Initially formed in 1997 as a project of the Southern Light Rail (SLR), SoX provides cost-effective, high-bandwidth services for researchers at colleges and universities, K-12 educational institutions, federal agencies, government laboratories, and nonprofit organizations in the southeast region of the country.

"SoX is expecting to upgrade some of our participants to 100G connectivity from 10G starting in the next couple of months," said Cas D’Angelo, SoX executive director. "Partnering with the GlobalNOC will allow us to get each participant configured and tested with ease."

ARE-ON is composed of all of Arkansas’ public degree-granting institutions and other selected higher education organizations. The not-for-profit consortium focuses on collaborative learning and innovation through advanced networking, technology, and research in the state.

OSHEAN connects Rhode Island’s healthcare organizations, higher education institutions, K-12 schools, libraries, local governments, and other community groups with more than 500 fiber-optic miles. The organization also provides member collaboration and services similar to Indiana’s I-Light.

"These are all strategic partnerships and we are pleased to be a part of them," said Stephen Peck, GlobalNOC business relations and development manager. "These new relationships demonstrate IU's ability to provide high-quality network services and support to regional research and education networks."

GlobalNOC is an operations and engineering organization supporting advanced international, national, regional, and local high-performance research and education networks, including Internet2, NOAA and Indiana’s own I-Light.