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17 reasons to participate in the Cray User Group

Interested in supercomputing? Here are 17 reasons to join the Cray User Group, from its president

You could say that David Hancock is something of a supercomputing expert. At Indiana University, he is the group manager for the Research Technologies High Performance Systems team. A big part of this job includes managing IU's local and national high performance computing resources including Big Red II and Karst.

Big Red II is a powerful Cray supercomputer with a processing speed of one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second (one petaFLOPS). As the man who manages Big Red II, Hancock works closely with its manufacturer and serves as president of the Cray User Group. It's only natural that Cray asked Hancock to write a blog post about its upcoming conference in Chicago.

If you're into supercomputing, check out Hancock's 17 Reasons to Participate in the Cray User Group.