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Come home to IU Secure wireless

Use IU Secure Wi-Fi and get the speed and safety you need to connect on campus

Remember the Wi-Fi you used when you first arrived on campus? The one that helped you find your way around? You’re not alone. Many at IU still opt for "attwifi" (the visitors' network) months and years after they no longer need it.

But now that you have an IU username and passphrase, there’s a better way to get online. The next time you connect while on campus, choose IU Secure as your network. The speed and safety you gain are worth the few extra seconds of effort it takes to log on.

IU offers attwifi as a courtesy for parents, friends, and new students and staff who need to access the Internet when first arriving on campus. For the IU community, the university offers IU Secure – so you can quickly get to the services you need, and keep private data safe from prying eyes.

Did you know IU Secure gives you 20 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of bandwidth? The visitors' network, attwifi, caps at a mere 1Gbps. Plus, with cache servers positioned across the network, IU Secure assures users of less buffering on Netflix movies, fewer interruptions on Skype calls, and no lag in that next World of Warcraft game.

With IU Secure, your data is also much safer. On attwifi, traffic is not encrypted from your device to network access points, which means there’s nothing to prevent a neighbor from sniffing out your private data. With IU Secure, however, all traffic except outbound traffic to the Internet is encrypted – keeping you and your data safe.

IU Secure's benefits don't begin and end with speed and encryption. If you ever need to print a hard copy of a research paper or report, IU Secure provides access to every print and release station on campus – attwifi doesn’t.

Using attwifi was a great choice when you first arrived on campus. But now that you’re a member of the university community, you need the data encryption and bandwidth that IU Secure provides. Get started today.

For device- and operating system-specific details on connecting to IU Secure, visit the IU Knowledge Base.