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Upgrade to virtual servers, storage, and backups

Service offers access to the same hardware and security used for critical university applications

IU departments no longer need to maintain their own servers, storage, or backups. IU Intelligent Infrastructure (II) can do that, while departmental staff retains full control of operating systems, applications, and data.

II offers access to the same high-performance and high-availability hardware and security used for critical university applications and services. For those looking to II as part of IT-28 (Cyber Risk Mitigation) policy compliance, two benefits stand out: Improved security of data and IT assets, and enhanced physical access security. (If you have ever toured the data center, you know exactly what we mean.)

II also allows for continuous innovation and refinements to meet evolving needs. The service's lifecycle replacement period is around every 36 months. That means newer hardware every few years without the hassle of purchasing, installation, or unforeseen disruptions -- in fact, II upgrades come without billing increases and without service interruptions.

The current upgrade, complete at the end of April, features several cost-saving benefits (numbers are aggregate, representing what’s available to all virtual machines):

  • Does more with less: Increases CPU speeds by over 30%, delivers performance gains via improved cache and system bus speeds, and doubles the amount of memory per server -- all within less rack space
  • Ensures smooth transitions from physical servers: Collectively has 2.4 Thz of processing and over 40 TB of memory for workloads, with room for expansion
  • Improves network management: Increases standardization (for consistent installs) and simplifies physical administration (keeping down staffing costs), so environment can take advantage of up to 40 Gb uplinks
  • Reduces software costs: Significantly reduces licensing fees by decreasing the number of processors used (thanks to capacity gains mentioned above)
  • Uses less energy: Requires less power and cooling due to new blade technology, so IU is eligible for a Duke Energy credit of $6,500

Ultimately, IU's II rates are below external cloud options. And, thanks to a competitive bidding process, the university has locked in discounts for the life of the hardware.

Why wait? Learn more about switching to II.

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