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UITS Support Center makes excellence the standard

Contact Center Pipeline profiles the award-winning UITS Support Center

With a ninety-seven percent customer satisfaction score and a recent Call Center Excellence Award attesting to their success, the UITS Support Center continues to answer the call to excellent IT support.

The UITS Support Center serves as liaison between UITS and its customers at Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College. In June of 2014, the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) honored the UITS Support Center as the best higher ed call center among thirty-three contenders at the fifteenth annual Call Center Week Excellence Awards.

Drawing from the large scope of expert-curated Knowledge Base content, the UITS Support Center strives to exceed expectations by bringing an all-important human touch to the task. While technical ability is important at the UITS Support Center, it remains secondary to a customer-centric mindset.

"We can always provide training, but when we interview candidates, we focus on conversational skills," says UITS Director of Client Support Cathy O'Bryan. "We ask: is she going to sound friendly on the phone and keep in mind what's best for the customer?"

The UITS Support Center garners approximately 50% of its employees from the revolving student base available in Bloomington, and students seeking a career in IT relish the opportunity to work with UITS. "If you want to work for UITS or in IT, there is no better place to start than in our support center," says O'Bryan.

In addition to a people-pleasing ability, cross training is an important component to the UITS Support Center's success. Since new arrivals on campus are told bring your own everything (BYOE), the UITS Support Center turns no problem or device away. The support staff appreciates the job diversity this training affords them and never fears their shift will leave them feeling stale since they know they’ll be engaged in a variety of tasks.

This flexibility dovetails with the customer-centered approach to yield a 24/7 support product to accommodate any caller and any device. "We have taken the stance that we want to support anything that is IT-related. Whatever it is, we will help you," says Support Center Assistant Manager Drew Hostetler.

Satisfied customers, value-led support and broadly trained employees committed to a true BYOE environment add up to a high quality support center, and the IQPC award documents this level of excellence. O'Bryan and Hostetler have honed their support center staff to not give these values just lip service, but to live and demonstrate them everyday.

"Our staff takes that to heart; it's not just about solving problems—it's about fixing their day and making it better," Hostetler adds.

To read more about how the UITS Support Center exceeds expectations, download the linked PDF.