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Meet Nitocris Perez

Nitocris is IU Bloomington's emerging technology specialist.

Meet IU Bloomington's emerging technology specialist at UITS, Nitocris Perez. She tests out and shares information on the latest tech trends, including virtual reality, Google Glass, and brain-wave-controlled devices.

She runs a space in the Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) at 10th Street and the Bypass where IU students, faculty, and staff can test out the devices.

"It's a little bit off campus, so my goal is to create a space on campus that's really easy to get to where people can try stuff out and hopefully even build things for these tool," Perez said.

She also hosts the video series "Tech Bytes," in which topics have included a performance test comparison of various tablets. She wants to expand the series to include services for new students, such as how to set up IUanyWare. "We live in a YouTube age, and it really helps to be able to see someone do something and not just read about it."

Source: Inside IU