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Indiana GigaPOP to provide new 10 Gbps connection

Upgraded connection allows Washington University in St. Louis to connect to Indiana higher education institutions

Indiana GigaPOP will be providing the St. Louis Internet Access Consortium (SLIAC) at Washington University in St. Louis with a newly upgraded 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) Ethernet connection. The new connection, which uses Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (which transmits data from multiple sources on an optical fiber to preserve transmission capacity), is being created specifically to allow SLIAC and Washington University in St. Louis to connect to Indiana GigaPoP.

Previously 1 Gbps, the upgraded connection will allow Washington University in St. Louis to connect to Indiana higher education institutions. It will also provide connections to national and international research and education institutions via Indiana GigaPOP's connections to Internet2, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) OmnipPoP, and National LambdaRail. The connection will run from Indiana GigaPOP at the Lifeline Datacenter in Indianapolis to the Internet2 PoP in St. Louis.

"The reason for the upgrade was due to demand by our researchers to transfer large amounts of data in a faster manner," said Craig Hager, director of infrastructure and operations in Information Services and Technology and Network Services and Support at Washington University in St. Louis. "The 1 Gbps GigaPOP connection was no longer meeting our needs, which caused researchers to ship hard drives. We also believe this will enable us to collaborate with other institutions in a more efficient way."

The Indiana GigaPOP, which is located in diverse facilities in Indianapolis and Chicago, provides commodity internet and research and education network connectivity to major state and regional institutions. Connected to Internet2 at multiple locations at speeds up to 100Gbps, the Indiana GigaPOP is active in projects in the state of Indiana that further the deployment of high speed networking.