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Echo360 Lecture Capture provides flexible teaching and learning options

Faculty: Request Echo360 for spring 2015 courses

Faculty: Did you know that with Echo360 Lecture Capture, you can choose to automatically record your class session for later on-demand viewing? Or that with Echo360 Personal Capture you can record audio, video, and computer content on a personal computer and upload it for student viewing?

The Echo360 system is available for faculty members and instructors from any IU campus to use in two ways:

  • Recording class sessions as review resources
  • Enhancing flipped/hybrid classrooms by allowing students to view uploaded lectures outside of class and using in-class time for collaborative learning activities

Echo360's integration with Canvas and Oncourse also makes it straightforward to use and easy to access via personal computers and mobile devices.

See more details and request Echo360 Lecture Capture for your spring course >>