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UITS News for August 28, 2013: Welcome to a new semester at IU!

Whether you're new or returning for another semester, UITS is your connection to IT@IU.

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1. Welcome to a new semester at IU!

Whether you're new or returning for another semester, University Information Technology Services (UITS) is your connection to IT@IU. We offer an extensive support network and many technology resources, like:

Students: Be sure to run Get Connected (, so you have full, secure access to the IU network.

For campus-specific IT information, visit our New to IT@IU website:

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2. Students: Consider becoming an IT Ambassador

Are you looking for a chance to show off your marketing know-how, gain hands-on experience, and take advantage of leadership and networking opportunities? Consider becoming a UITS Student IT Ambassador at IU Bloomington or IUPUI.

UITS Ambassadors are undergraduate and graduate students with a passion for technology, an interest in learning more about it, and a willingness to share that knowledge with the IU community.

To join, visit:

You can also find the clubs on Facebook: (IU Bloomington) (IUPUI)

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3. Declutter by repurposing or recycling IT

Is old computer equipment cluttering your house or office? Keep it out of the landfill -- consider repurposing or responsible recycling instead; it's the law. (Read more about Indiana e-waste laws:

Keep your data secure, though, by "wiping" your hard drives before you recycle.

Learn more about protecting your data:

How to dispose of IU-owned electronics:

How to dispose of personal electronics:

Have a question about sustainable computing?

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4. Get up to speed on tech@IU

Start your semester off right with UITS IT Training. Let the experts guide you through Office 2013's new features, IU's collaboration tools, and how to personalize your learning with

As the semester goes on, take advantage of the hundreds of no-cost classroom and online workshops on topics such as Adobe CS6 applications, web development, programming, and statistics. UITS IT Training also offers webinars and multi-day EdCERT courses.

Learn more:

Questions? Contact UITS IT Training
Phone: (812) 855-7383 or (317) 274-7383

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5. Featured IUanyWare apps: Stat/math packages

Do you have numbers to crunch or simulations to run for class or work?

Check out the statistical/mathematical software packages available at no cost through IUanyWare, the cloud software service offered by UITS. These apps are available on demand from any Windows or Macintosh workstation or notebook, or Windows thin client.

For a complete list of IUanyWare software, see:

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6. Go mobile at IU -- now with even better bus tracking

Class schedules, Oncourse, email, bus schedules: IU Mobile lets you access many IU services from your mobile device. There are over two dozen apps to choose from, so you can stay connected even when you're on the move.

Bus riders, in particular, take note: IU Mobile's new and improved bus schedules app now monitors all IU Campus Bus and Bloomington Transit bus routes on its real-time tracking map.

Take IU Mobile for a spin. You no longer need to download anything -- it's all HTML based.

Access it on any mobile device:

IU Mobile is also available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android.

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7. More IT news and events

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