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IUanyWare, IU's cloud software service garners ACUTA Excellence award

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IUanyWare, Indiana University's cloud software service, is a 2013 recipient of ACUTA's prestigious Institutional Excellence award. ACUTA (the Association for Information Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education) is an international nonprofit dedicated to serving the needs of higher education, including nearly 2,000 individuals at some 700 institutions.

"We are grateful to ACUTA for recognizing the value of IUanyWare. Offering a cloud software service benefits IU's increasingly mobile community - as well as those who only need occasional access to certain applications," said Sue B. Workman, IU associate vice president for client services and support. "Students no longer have to go to a lab to access software. Faculty and staff can get to applications immediately without having to install them locally. IUanyWare helps the university make better use of limited IT resources and allows busy people to teach, learn and work from anywhere, even on a tablet or smartphone."