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Update on IU's eTexts initiative

In late February, IU released an RFP to publishers and providers with the hope that agreements could be negotiated and in place by registration for Fall 2011. Because the eTexts model utilizes a mandatory fee to obtain substantial price advantages, IU wanted to ensure that students know which class sections will have an eTexts fee for required materials before they make course selections. The very tight timeline between RFP responses and the student enrollment period precluded finalizing broad institutional agreements before the March/April registration deadline for Fall 2011.

IU will extend its current pilot program for eTexts via Courseload through the summer and fall while agreements with interested publishers/providers get finalized. This continuation will give IU the opportunity to gather more data/feedback on eTexts use, and allow additional time to be spent on entering into agreements with the publishers/providers. IU's goal is to finish negotiations in time for student registration for Spring 2012 (late September/early October).

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