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Dennis Cromwell named Director, University Information Systems

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana University Vice President Michael McRobbie has announced the appointment of Dennis Cromwell as Director, University Information Systems, Indiana University - Bloomington. Since joining the central technology organization at Indiana University in 1990, Cromwell has developed a technical infrastructure in support of client/server computing, established a Web development effort, evaluated and selected database and development tools, defined a technical architecture for enterprise systems, and managed systems development activities. He also led the design of the central system Year 2000 plan, and is the overall UITS Year2000 leader.

"Dennis brings years of valuable experience to this position. He has that unique blend of technical expertise and people skills that have contributed to his success," said Norma Holland, Associate Vice President for University Information Systems. "He is undertaking a challenging position as the Director responsible for the UITS Year2000 initiative related to enterprise systems and a leadership role in this effort University-wide."

As Director of University Information Systems, Cromwell is responsible for the technical support of enterprise-wide systems that support the major administrative functions of the University. Along with the immediate challenge of preparing for the Year 2000, Cromwell sees IU facing a major shift in information systems as the University migrates from internal development of these systems to the use of package software. Supporting the new generation of enterprise systems will require a change in technical infrastructure of machines and support tools, and more automation to support the need for greater system and machine management.

Before joining Indiana University, Cromwell worked with the Public Service Company of Indiana as a database analyst and programmer analyst. More recently, he was District Service Manager in the Indianapolis Office of Computer Associates, Inc. and Cullinet Software, Inc.,where he managed field support staff, provided technical leadership, and served as a product expert in database and application tools. Cromwell received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics (1980) from Indiana University - Bloomington, and has done further work in Computer Science at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis.